Wahida Rohman from India (CEU School of Public Policy, 2018-2019)

May 19, 2020

I traveled almost everywhere and stayed in all fancy hotels around the world but when it comes to my life in Budapest, I must say nothing is as comfortable like CEU Residence Centre. I stayed more than one year in the CEU Residence Centre. It is one of the most beautiful, clean and highly equipped places, I have ever stayed. Most important things about RC that occur to my mind are the very helpful staff and fully secured campus.

Residence Centre has everything that we needed including gym, swimming pool, cafeteria, bar, grocery store, tennis court, playground and most importantly, the beautiful backyard where I have beautiful memories of hanging out with friends.

During my stay in Budapest, I had a very big car accident and I was in bed for almost three months. During that difficult time in my life, the Residence Centre management taken care of me more than my family

CEU Residence Centre is not like another dormitory, it is home for students who come all along the way to stay and study in Budapest.