Kossi Atchrimi from the USA (CEU International Relations, 2018-2019)

May 19, 2020

The Residence Center (RC) was one of the best decision I made during my education at CEU. I could not have a better CEU experience living elsewhere than at the residence center. The CEU residence center wasn’t my first experience residing in a campus facility, but it was the best one I ever had . A lot of things at RC make it a very special and a unique place as a CEU student to have a memorable CEU experience as the well vibrant Budapest experience.

 Starting from the building design which is one of the kind in the area, the quite study rooms some with comfortable and relaxing bean bags , the swimming pool and sauna, the gym, the outside play grounds and the inside games activities, the cafeteria, and the bambus bar where most students special events take place are part of the places and activities that make RC a great place to stay. The Residence Center was the perfect place that made my time at CEU memorable and unforgettable.

As a student the residence was the place I needed to study, to socialize, to eat and to play. The Residence Center gave me the chance to meet students from all over the world, to experience the true cultural diversity of CEU, to socialize with people from difference part of the word and to make lifetime friends. Without over stating, RC offered me great memories and unbreakable friendships.

I didn’t expect when I decided to study at CEU and to stay in RC, to have the chance to become friends with so many amazing people with whom I learned and shared many knowledges.

The administrators and the RC staff are very professional, friendly and quick to response to our needs and concerns. I really appreciate the cleaning staff who diligently maintain the kitchens and cleaned my room. How can I appreciate the staff without specifically mentioning the front desk personnel and the security who are always there 24/7 to response to questions, keep our packages, and make sure that we are safe and comfortable. 

I really, enjoyed my time at the residence center and I’m sure I wouldn’t have that much joy and lifetime experiences while studying at CEU anywhere else other than at the residence center.