Adrija Maitra from India (CEU Gender Studies, 2017-2019)

May 19, 2020

The most memorable part of living at the CEU Residence Center for me was the community living experience. We got an opportunity to know students beyond our departments, cook together, and chat for hours in the backyard. In my two years, I’ve seen it to be the liveliest during the annual Intercultural Festival, amongst many other events at the RC.
When it came to work, there were many study rooms that provided the much needed break from the monotony of the room. They were ideal when a group presentation was at hand or simply when a bunch of friends needed study support. Another advantage of the dorm was its computer labs, as sometimes it’s easier to work on two screens, or just a bigger one!
The distance of the RC from the city center is compensated by its lovely and picturesque neighbourhood. Don’t miss the sunset!