COVID-19 advice and measures taken at CEU Residence Center

November 15, 2020

By entering CEU Residence Center all students and tenants acknowledge and accept the special measures detailed in this protocol and on the information posters displayed around the building.

  • It is strongly advised to use the provided hand sanitizers and to wash hands regularly. Gloves are recommended when touching commonly used surfaces, e.g., kitchen, elevator, door knobs.
  • You must wear masks in common areas.
    Mask is available to students on request, however it is strongly suggested that students purchase their own masks.
  • It is advised to keep the social distance, 1.5 meter in all common areas.

  • There is a plexiglass desk protector at the reception and at the security guard’s desk.
  • It is not allowed to stay in the room while cleaning

  • It is advised to air the room frequently
  • Elevator capacity limitation: should be at least 1-1.5 meters between people. It is advised not to use the elevator if feasible, wearing mask in the elevator is mandatory.
  • Security guard will measure temperature of all students upon check-in. Students with high temperature have to stay in quarantine and we will inform the university. Security guards and reception are authorized to check temperature at any time during the pandemic.

  • A maximum of two persons are allowed in the kitchen at any time. Eating together or sitting next to each other should be avoided.

  • Avoid spontaneous, unstructured gatherings of people in the same room or in the common areas
  • We provide online prepayment. On the spot we accept only bank cards, cash payment is not possible.

  • Swimming pool, sauna, gym and outdoor sport ground are closed until further notice

 Please note that students in quarantine are not allowed to use common areas including but not limited to sport facilities, kitchens, study room, lobby area, cafeteria and the laundry. Students in quarantine need to eat in the room.

We can provide the following assistance for students in quarantine:

-       groceries can be ordered and paid by the student online, we deliver the package to the room

-       food can be ordered from the cafeteria for take away, cafeteria staff will deliver it to the student’s room. If you have such request, please contact

Students who do not observe the COVID related regulations will be dismissed from the Residence Center.