COVID-19 advice and measures taken at CEU Residence Center

July 21, 2020

We keep the facility clean, sufficient quantity of  hand sanitizers, as well as  surface disinfectants are available. Students are not allowed to stay in the room during the cleaning.

Social distancing:
There is a clearly visible sign every 1.5 meters at the reception desk and at the cafeteria to keep the distance between waiting guests. It is advised to keep the social distance, 1.5 meter in all common areas.

We disinfect the frequently used areas of public spaces at least three times a day.

Hand disinfection points are provided at the main entrance, cafeteria, in the toilets and in the kitchens.

There is a plexiglass desk protector at the reception and at the security guard’s desk. It is strongly advised to wear masks in common areas. Mask is available to students on request, however it is strongly suggested that students purchase their own masks.

We display information about Covid-19 in the common areas.

We assign special CovidOOO (out of order) rooms.

Rooms are ‘rested’ for 12 hours after cleaning, before the next student arrives.

Elevator capacity limitation: should be at least 1-1.5 meters between people. It is advised not to use the elevator if feasible, wearing mask in the elevator is strongly advised.

We ensure contactless check-in, avoid unnecessary administration: students may fill in an online registration form.

We provide online prepayment. On the spot we accept only bank cards, cash payment is not possible.

A maximum of two persons are allowed in the kitchen at any time. Eating together or sitting next to each other should be avoided.

If a student arrives from a yellow or red zone and required to stay in a quarantine*, we can provide the following assistance:

-        groceries can be ordered and paid by the student online, we deliver the package to the room

-        food can be ordered from the cafeteria for take away, cafeteria staff will deliver lunch, dinner to the student’s room

Please note that students in quarantine are not allowed to use common areas including sport facilities, kitchens, study room and the loundry.

Students who do not observe the COVID related regulations will be dismissed from the Residence Center  

*CEU Residence Center has the right to refuse reservations